About Jadan 關於我們

TP Dominion (2015) Limited – Trade as 『Jadan Supermarket Supermarket』

A “One-Stop” Supermarket is now locating in Mt. Roskill.

With over 80+ In-ddor / out-door car park spaces, retail area over 10,000 sq. ft & up to market facilities, All signs and label are both English & Chinese. Our task is to become mainstream supermarket in NZ.

『Jadan』are passionate in retail, our task is offering One-Stop-Shop which included Fresh fruit and vegetable, fresh / live seafood, fresh meat, HK style BBQ, Frozen food also wide selection of grocery.

『Jadan card』is our way to reward loyalty customer when you shopping in Jadan & our alliance supermarket, your earn points, save it and redeem online.

Hope you enjoy shopping in Jadan !!!

TP Dominion (2015) Limited – 又名『Jadan Supermarket 中區亞洲超市』

一家由香港人管理的超市已經於中區 Mt. Roskill 開幕!

『Jadan 中區亞洲超市』室內面積一萬平方呎,全新設備媲美洋人超市。新店設有室內 / 室外停車場,合共提供80個車位,獨有的室內停車場連接超市入口,方便停車購物。

『Jadan』秉持一站式優質服務的宗旨,為客人提供新鮮蔬果、海鮮類、肉類、港式燒臘、急凍食品、雜貨等一切所需貨品。每週特價貨品保證物超所值。另有 Jadan 客戶尊享積分咭,網上換禮品,多買多儲分,以上種種必定給你們不一樣的購物享受。

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